Hard Landscaping

Paths, Drives and Car StandsCar Hard Stand

Path’s are an essential part of almost all gardens and can provide access for many different uses.  At the simplest level paths provide easy access to various parts of the garden offering a clean firm surface to walk upon. Decorative path’s can create a feature in the garden often breaking the space into different sections or offering a route from which the highlights of the garden can be viewed. Functional path’s provide access for maintenance and will stand up to heavy use by foot or with machines or cars.

The choice of surfaces for path’s are extensive and increase regularly through the production of new materials. Surfacing options that were once the realm of the commercial sector can also become available in the private sector as new developments become common place and extensively used.

Botanical provides a comprehensive path construction service covering all types of path and surfaces including  the following list and more. Visit our Gallery to see some examples of paths and other hard landscaping projects.

  • Gravel paths
  • Slabbed paths
  • Edging stones
  • Concrete paths
  • Wood Chip paths
  • Heavy Duty paths, Driveways and Car Stands
  • Formal paths
  • Informal paths
  • Reinforced Grass Paver Systems
  • Boardwalks
  • Stepping Stones

Patios, Slabs and other Hard SurfacesSlabs and Patios

Patio’s and other hard surfaces play many roles in gardens. They can provide an area to place furniture for sunbathing or eating. An area around a barbecue perhaps or a spot in the sun at the end of the garden. They can be features or functional spaces such as a hard standing area for car parking. There are many reasons for including a hard surface in a garden so let us know your ideas and we will put them into practise.

There are many surface options for hard standing areas in gardens. The traditional slabbed area is just one. Large gravel areas add texture to a garden and can be practical spaces or a decorative feature such as a Japanese rock garden. Cobbled areas can add a timeless surface and a change from modern materials. Or you could have a mix of surfaces, slabs with areas of gravel or grass to add different textures.

Visit our Gallery to see some examples of patio’s and other hard surfacing projects.

Decking & FencingDecking in the course of being laid

Decking is a good alternative to traditional stone surfaces. A variety of different timbers are available in hard wood and soft wood. Modern timber treatments can extend the life of decking to decades with regular care and maintenance. The flexibility of timber is often a reason for opting for decking as wood is easily worked and can be built into intricate designs that would be time consuming and costly if built in stone. Timber also has a warmth to it that does not come with stone surfaces.

Fences provide a boundary and can be visible or hidden behind plants. There are a wide range of styles and many prebuilt panels which can be found. Alternatively custom fences can be built to suit all areas and requirements. A few options for fencing are listed here.

  • Post and Rail Fence - Suitable as a marked boundary where exclusion is not an issue.
  • Panel Fence -  To provide privacy and protection for plants.
  • Picket Fence -  A traditional feature.
  • Close Board Fence - A more substantial option than panels where strength is required.
  • Rustic Pole Fence -  For a rural appeal.

Visit our Gallery to see some examples of projects.